Krups F23070 Egg Cooker Review

Krups F23070 Egg Cooker Review

When it comes cooking eggs, the one thing that you may dread is taking out all the pots and pans and just wasting a big chunk of your time preparing everything. And that can be annoying especially if you’re running late for work.

Moreover, eating cereal isn't making you any slimmer or healthier for that matter – and you've realized that but don't have the will to act on it – well, there is nothing to fear, now you can prepare one of the best, high-protein breakfast meals in a blink of an eye.

Holding Bowl With Boiled Eggs

How? That is a good question – if you love eating eggs in the morning, but don't because you can't find the time to make poached or scrambled eggs – why not opt for an egg-cooker?

Instead of running around the house preparing your breakfast – then going to your room to put the other sock – why not opt for the Krups egg cooker and relax every morning while your meal cooks in almost half the time it usually took you?

If you’re convinced, which you must be – then you have to understand that going for the best egg cooker is what it is all about – not some cheap, three egg cooking machine with no automatic power-off.

About The Product

The Krups F2370 is what egg cooking is all about! You can prepare your breakfast – as much of it as you want, in a matter of minutes while you are getting ready to leave for work.

It is something fantastic and downright magical – but the Krups cooker will prepare a total of seven eggs for you – making the machine a vital kitchen accessory, especially if you love having Sunday brunches.

However, in light of this, mentioned below are some real reasons why you should get your hands on the incredible egg cooker that is surprisingly budget-friendly as well:

Love Boiled Eggs? Now You Can Cook Seven All At Once

One of the best things about the Krups egg cooking machine is the fact you can poach and hard-boil seven eggs at a given time. Moreover, you can see everything happening inside the machine – the lid is transparent, which means you can keep an eye on hard-boiled or medium you want your eggs.

But another fantastic thing about the cooker is the fact you can boil or poach all types of eggs in the device – regardless of size and girth. You can cook devilled, soft-boiled, poached or scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning.

Moreover, you can also prepare Eggs Benedict – which is excellent! So, you have plenty of variety to look forward to every morning. Say no to the drive-thru or breakfast sandwiches forever!

Dual Poaching Trays (Non-Stick)

What use is an egg cooker if it doesn’t have a poaching tray. Furthermore, there is no reason to go for a machine like that doesn’t come with a non-stick-tray for cooking eggs. The Krups Egg Cooker has it all! Apart from preparing boiled eggs, the device comes with a non-stick tray for poaching eggs.

Krups F23070 Egg Cooker Poaching Tray

And the tray enables you not just to poach one – but two eggs, which is just fantastic! The component is quick to clean and does not leave a foul stench after you prepare your breakfast.

Krups Accessories

You will also be excited to hear that the Krups egg cooker comes with two additional components that can help slash your preparation time by less than half! The device comes with an egg piercer and water measuring cup. Both these components are vital when it comes to cooking great eggs.

Not to mention, you can save so much time making your breakfast, especially when you know you boo is going to throw you out of the building if you don't hurry up!

The water measuring cup is useful when it comes to the level of doneness you are looking for – for example; you can go for soft, hard or medium eggs. All you have to do is fill the measuring cup up till the desired mark – and you will be all set!

Multi-Functioning Switch For Temperature

Another reason to opt for the Krups F23070 is that you can still enjoy some smoking hot poached eggs when you come out of the shower.

The dual switch is convenient – for example after you put in the eggs for poaching – the machine will deliver a soft but audible noise - signaling that your breakfast is ready – however, you can switch-on the keep-warm function, so your meal doesn't go cold while you get ready for work. 

You Can Quickly Remove The Egg Holder

f you are in a hurry to eat your breakfast, removing the egg holder is straightforward. You can cool the eggs before taking out the shell.

Try Multiple Breakfast Recipes 

The Krups Egg Cooker F23070 will enable you to try a multitude of you breakfast recipes – helping enhance your health and focus every morning!

What Others Are Saying

Buyers are overly happy about the Krups F23070 egg cooker. A majority of users have already labeled the machine "a lifesaver." And that is thanks to a slew of features and functionalities they enjoy every morning.

Krups F23070 Egg Cooker


You see, with the Krups 23070, hard-boiling eggs is quick, easy and non-messy. And that what everybody wants every morning! Moreover, buyers are also ecstatic about the dual switch option – you can keep your eggs warms while you get ready for college or work.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Krups Egg Cooker in under $135 with free shipping on Amazon. When it comes to egg cookers, the Krups takes the cake – sure it may be a bit pricey – but the machine is ideal for busy people who are looking for healthy breakfast alternatives and not waste any time at all! There is no doubt the Krups is an excellent steal!

Final Verdict

You can cook seven eggs at a single given time and keep them warm too – there is nothing more you could ever ask from an egg cooking machine.

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