Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Review

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Review

Eggs, whether you eat them for breakfast, dinner or take them as your midday snake, are considered one of the inexpensive, protein-packed items to satisfy your craving. But cooking perfect eggs either hard boiled or scrambled is not less than a challenge as it often creates a mess, gets hard or remains raw, and leaves sticky bowls and pans for you to clean.  

To deal with all this, Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is here to save you from preparing pulpy raw or overcooked eggs. The compact machine is mainly designed to exclude a lot of risks when it comes to tackling this finicky food item.

Eggs In Cooker

Cooking eggs, with this advanced kitchen aid, has become automated and quick. It allows you handle the delicate preparation of cooking eggs no matter you are steaming, boiling or poaching them.

About The Product

For buyers who value straightforward technology, Dash Egg Cooker is their go-to device as it rapidly cooks the scrumptious eggs in a desired form and texture. The excellent kitchen gadget has an aim to make egg cooking a comfortable and hassle-free process for its customer.

  • check
    Cooks perfect eggs with its advanced boiler
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    Comes with a loud buzzer to signal you when the cooking is over 
  • check
    Has an auto-shut function to save eggs from overcooking
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    Has versatility  to cook a variety of egg-recipes
  • check
    Compact and stylish design that suits small kitchens and apartments
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    Comes in various color choices
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    Weighs 1 pounds

Eggs are considered a significant food item containing rich nutrients and are often recommended by the nutritionist to add in diet plans for a healthy lifestyle. However, to adhere to this healthy lifestyle requires your perfection to cook eggs so that you will not lose its essential nutrients.

Dash Egg Cooker; in this regard, comes with a plethora of benefits that help you cook eggs in the variety of forms within no time. With Dash Egg Cooker, you no longer need to rely on your guesswork whether eggs are cooked or still require some more minutes to be on the stove.  

The fancy kitchen appliance entails an auto-timer and auto-shut-off to alert you right on time when your eggs are ready to savor or are cooked perfectly. 

Not only this, with its auto-timer you can enjoy an ideal egg texture you want.  It enables you to cook soft-boiled, hard-boiled and medium boiled eggs according to your taste in just 10 minutes.

With an aim to make egg cooking convenient and straightforward, Dash Egg Cooker is one-touch button machine. It takes only your one push to let device begins its cooking magic. It has an audible alert that starts buzzing once your eggs are perfectly cooked.

Whether it is about poaching eggs or scrambling them, you always need a measuring cup to gauge the water level. This fantastic kitchen gadget has it all as it comes with measuring cup that helps you measure the right amount of water to cook eggs quickly and precisely. 

Using Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

There is a pin attached to the bottom of this measuring cup that pierces eggshell to check the desired hardness of boiled eggs. Does not this superb kitchen gadget have a trendy and sleek design to suit your kitchen size; it is a compact design - which means you can easily store the machine in your kitchen cabinet.

All of its accessories are made to fit inside the cooker that saves you from finding the tools when you need them. Not only this, all these accessories are dishwasher safe and make cleaning completely hassle-free. The kitchen aid comes in various color options that add up to its trendy design.

Thus, Dash Egg Cooker is the answer to your all egg cooking problems as it is versatile to cook omelets, soft-boiled, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs. The fantastic kitchen gadget comes with a 1-year guarantee and a recipe book to enjoy perfect eggs with no stress.



  • A practical solution to cooking perfect eggs
  • Space savvy
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Has recipe book to experiment different egg dishes
  • Buzzer does not have an automatic shut down button and keeps on buzzing
  • times-circle
     Lid often gets extra hot that may burn fingers

What Others Are Saying

Whether it is about cooking deviled eggs or making egg salad and Eggs benedicts, buyers are delighted with the purchase of this all-in-one Egg cooker. They have expressed on many forums regarding the outstanding performance of this kitchen gadget.

It is trendy, compact, and hassle-free and cooks perfect eggs within minutes. Moreover, buyers found this fancy kitchen gadget cost useful and durable along with its exceptional egg cooking feature.

Buying Advice

Apart from a complaint regarding an unpleasant buzzer sound, buyers considered the automatic boiler a worthy investment. Dash Egg Cooker has delivered what it claimed and is surprisingly budget-friendly with its numerous unique features.  

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

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The machine has become one of the top budget products that give quality egg cooking in no time. If you are interested in buying the product, it is available on Amazon under $ 40.

Final Verdict

All in all, Dash Egg Cooker is a modern technology to cook eggs perfectly. With this fantastic kitchen gadget, you can conveniently prepare soft-boiled, medium and hard eggs whenever you want or wherever you are.

The machine promises you a consistent perfection of more comfortable and faster operation and entails no hectic cleaning process. Also, it offers unique trays if you are more likely to have poached, scrambled eggs, and omelets.

This all-in-one solution further allows you to cook six eggs faster than the traditional way of cooking eggs. Thus, easy to clean, this one-button automatic egg cooker is an ideal solution for any egg preference.

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