Cuisinart Central Egg Cooker Review

Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker Review

If you are an egg lover and looking for something that can help you cook a variety of eggs, Cuisinart has it all to cater your egg cooking needs. The manufacturers have never failed to meet the demands of their customers and pioneered the domain of kitchen equipment with their innovative and advanced kitchen gadgets.

Cuisinart 10 Eggs Central Cooker, in this regard, has altered the conventional ways you have been cooking your eggs so far. The kitchen gadget specializes in cooking eggs in some ways while retaining the perfect texture you want in your eggs.

Preparing Eggs For Cooking In Egg Cooker

Preparing eggs for a large family with Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker is not a problem as it is equipped with two-tiered technology to cook ten eggs at once. Buyers who prefer perfection and durability in the product, Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker is a kitchen gadget they can count on - and that it is reliable. 

About The Product

While incorporating the latest technology, the product sets its aim to provide an excellent kitchen appliance to bring perfection to your cooked eggs.

  • check
    Equipped with tiered technology to cook ten eggs together
  • check
    Can cook eggs in a variety of ways ( hard, soft  and medium)
  • check
    Has a hardcore poaching tray with seven eggs capacity
  • check
    Comes with integrated cord storage to make cleaning easy
  • check
    Entails compact, stainless steel body
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    Has built-in audible alert,   LED lights and a dominant standby mode
  • check
    Integrates 600W heater
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    Weighs 1.65 pounds
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    Comes with 3-years warranty

Eggs significantly contribute to making your breakfast healthy; also maximize your energy level to start your day. To make eggs a permanent part of your meal, it essential that you to buy a reliable product that helps you prepare well –cooked eggs. 

Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker, with its premium design, is a product that entails multiple smart features to cook eggs with desired taste and texture. The egg cooker comes with all the essential accessories to help you prepare eggs for large families at once. 

Moreover, working with 600w heater, the cooker ensures to retain the delicate texture and soft consistency of the eggs.  Plus, if you like eating eggs in different forms, the machine contains poaching and omelet trays where each has a capacity of holding 3-4 eggs respectively.

Unlike other traditional egg cookers, Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker has cool-touch stainless steel handles that allow you lift and hold the lid quickly and keeps you protected from fatal burn injuries.

The exceptional egg cooker has an integrated egg –holding tiers that enable you to cook seven eggs on the bottom level and three eggs on the top level.  

The brushed stainless steel and BPA –free plastic body, makes a perfect combination when it comes to generating an adequate amount of steam that is required to cook soft-boiled, hard-boiled and, medium boiled eggs.

No longer do you need to worry about the précised cooking timings with this unique electrical kitchen appliance. It comes with a measuring beaker that indicates an appropriate range of water to be added to the cooker. 

Cuisinart Central Egg Cooker Beaker

Cooking time depends on the amount of water you add to the cooker to cook boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs.  Moreover, to help you add the right amount of water, the machine has an instruction book with detailed ‘Dos’ and Don’ts.

Plus, the incorporated LED lights are another great feature to alert you when your eggs cooked well. If overcooked eggs have always been one of your concerns, the standby mode and audible alert in Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker can help you guard against that. Thus, this unique kitchen gadget does not only have expertise in cooking eggs, but this boiler is equally energy sufficient.

It gives you perfectly well-cooked eggs in just 5- 10 minutes while consuming only 600w. The accessories like egg piercer, removable trays are some unique features that set the product apart from its competitors.



  • Makes well-cooked eggs
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Has a ten egg capacity to serve large families
  • Loud buzzer
  • Space Savvy
  • Cost-effective
  • Machine lacks an auto-shutoff feature

What Others Are Saying

Cooking perfect eggs has become convenient and stress-free for the buyers with the exceptional features of Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker. Most of the buyers who have prominent families to feed with a busy schedule, this kitchen gadget has worked wonders for them. 

They have highly appreciated the incorporated tiered technology that helped them make ten eggs at once and saves their whole lot of time. Furthermore, Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker also impressed its buyers as it diminishes the need to peel hard the boiled eggs. The shells became soft enough to peel off quickly.

Buying Advice

Despite having all the essential functions, the egg cooker has received negative feedback from some of its customers regarding water leakage. Buyers complained that machine starts leaking water once the unit is switched on. It drains all the water out by time eggs are cooked.

Cuisinart Central Egg Cooker


Other than that, the kitchen gadget has satisfied its buyers with its consistent performance and reasonable price. If you are an interested buyer, you can buy the product from Amazon under $56 with some exciting discount offers.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, buying Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker is a smart option to acquire expertise in your egg cooking skills. The perfect kitchen gadget has taken the precedence over other automated egg cookers available in the market as it consistently cooks an egg without having you to worry about their texture.   

The machine entails latest features that include BPA-free parts and lid handles to make it extremely safe while using. Thus, if you are fond of eating soft or hard boiled eggs, Cuisinart Eggs Central Cooker gives you perfectly cooked pale yellow, smooth yolk within minutes.

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